Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG

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The mission of the Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG is:

  • maintenance and improvement of laboratory-research infrastructure for development of science in the areas of:
  • improvement of existing devices, technologies and systems that contribute to better efficiency of industrial processes, better work safety and life quality,
  • development of innovative solutions,
  • initiating research problems in non-science areas,
  • adapting research results to new applications,
  • conducting research and development works in the areas of widely understood computer science,
  • economy – Direction  Industry 4.0 (Przemysł 4.0),
  • public administration,
  • national safety,
  • Internet of things,
  • fighting against social exclusion.

This concept stems from our belief that science should serve the humanity. Hence in its operations the EMAG Institute  follows both the rule of utility – the conducted research and development works are response to analyses results and needs indicated by the industry, administration, social sphere, as well as the complementarity of research processes and implementation processes.

Therefore, we assume, that implementation of those objectives will comply with the priorities of the National Framework Programme, European Union Framework Programme and European Technology Platforms Programmes. In addition, the above mentioned activities will match the current development strategy of the organizational departments, led by the Ministry that supervises the EMAG Institute, including the Scientific and Industrial Centre for ICT, as well as the innovative strategy of other Ministries (e.g. joining the group of Innovative Centres led by the Ministry of Economic Development) and the strategy for the region of Silesia.

The mission also implies that, within the framework of the main operations, some actions will be conducted to promote science throughout  scientific publications and applications as well as organizing science-technical conferences and seminars.


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